About the Technical center

Technical Center «AVJ» traces its history to 1997 and is one of the leading enterprises for the complex technical diagnostics equipment NDT methods with the extension of the terms of safe operation in hazardous production facilities.

During this time, the center has accumulated a wealth of experience in complex technical diagnostic equipment, has created its own traditions and established itself as a reliable and honest partner.

With high production and personnel potential, the center follows main course, aiming at the creation of competitive services and maximize customer satisfaction.

TC “AVJ” has permission from the SI “Sanoatgeokontehnazorat” for the right to perform work on the non-destructive testing on dangerous industrial objects.

TC “AVJ” accredited in the “Uzstandard” Agency as an independent and competent testing laboratory of nondestructive testing.

        Area of accreditation:

Name of  non-destructive testing objects Name of non-destructive testing methods  and determined characteristics 
Vessels and apparatures
Welded steel working:
– Under pressure up to 16 MPa;
– Under vacuum with a residual pressure of 665 Pa or lower without pressure (for filling)- Pressure above 0.07 MPa;
Tanks and vessels
for transportation or storage, with a pressure above 0.07 MPa

Products made of carbon and low-alloy steel:
Pipe and welded pipe joints;
– Casting (steel castings);
– forgings
Rolled sheet
Ultrasonic testing:
identification of discontinuities in welds: defects such as lack of fusion, slag inclusions, pores

Visual and measuring control:
detection of surface defects such as oxide films, cavities, cracks, lack of fusion, slag inclusions, pores, backfins, fine cracks, pitting, offset edges
Color (capillary) control:
detection of surface and through discontinuities (cracks, lack of penetration, pores, cavities, intergranular corrosion, air holes, etc.) of welded joints and base metal products of all types of steel, titanium, copper, and their alloys

 TC «AVJ» has a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001.

TC «AVJ» is the conclusion of the SI “Uzgoszheldornadzor”, certifying the right to carry out works to extend the service life of boilers of tank cars.

TC «AVJ» has permission from the SI “Sanoatgeokontehnazorat” for the right to perform repair and welding work on controlled objects.

TC «AVJ» assists in the development of technical documents.

TC «AVJ» is equipped with a new generation of devices Ud2-102VD «Peleng», DIO-562, WT-600S.

Employees of the TC «AVJ» have a wide experience of work and certificates, confirming the qualification and competence.

Our partners:

    • JSC “Maxam – Chirchik”
    • State Enterprise “Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine”
    • Joint venture “Navoi Electrokhimzavod”
    • UDP “Shurtanneftegas”
    • UDP “Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex” 
    • UDP “Mubarek Gas Processing Plant” 
    • Almalyk MMC
  • “Lukoil” LLC.

We are looking forward to the partnership and cooperation! 

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